Interpreted proceedings, EUOs, hearings, depositions, compulsory medical examinations, sworn/unsworn statements — I love them all! Rigorous training specifically designed for proofreading for court reporters and thousands of pages under my belt has fully prepared me to assist you in ensuring you have the cleanest possible transcript to submit. An excellent eye, expert command of English, and perfectionism are at your service. I thoroughly examine each page for misused words; spelling and punctuation; and consistency in formatting, names, exhibits, etc. If you need eagle-eyed excision of errors, then I’m the eagle to call.

Hi! I’m Anita Godman, owner of Tulie Basin Proofreading. For the past 30 years, I have been homeschooling my nine children from preschool through high school, helping several go on to bachelor’s degrees in engineering and science. The remaining are pursuing other fields of interest or are still in high school. Proofreading comes naturally to me, and I’m a stickler for detail. (Just ask my kids!) Now that my teaching career is winding down, I’m devoting more attention to proofreading professionally — I guess all those pages I’ve proofed over the years aren’t considered professional since I didn’t get “paid” for it. Not monetarily, anyway. But now I’m ready to fully engage the next chapter!