Affect vs. Effect

Recently on a Facebook support site, there was some discussion on the use of affect versus effect, prompting me to review my understanding of them. You may not have any problems with this sound-alike pair, but if you do, here is a good, short article on the subject.

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Anita Godman

Hi! I’m Anita Godman, owner of Tulie Basin Proofreading. I am a proofreader specializing in legal documents and court reporter transcriptions. While I am new to the profession of proofreading, I have been a “practical” proofreader going on 30 years — I have been homeschooling my nine children from preschool through high school. I have recently completed the proofreading course offered by Proofread Anywhere with a 97% final score, using Margie Wakeman Wells’s Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation manual and workbook (which I went through at least twice!). I have an excellent eye for correct use of our English language and am a perfectionist at heart. I have found proofreading to be a perfect fit for me and would love to put my skills to work for you!

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